In my last blog post, I talked about the Ostrich, Salmon, Ant and Beaver innovation spirit animals, and I  describe

September 13th, 2016

More than 120 guests gathered at the Cambia Grove on August 25 for the unveiling of Anchor Partner Overlake Medical Center’s problem statements during their Reverse Pitch®.

August 29th, 2016

The changes underway in health care are seismic and have profound implications for everyone in the ecosystem.

August 23rd, 2016

I will never forget a conversation I had with colleague Dr. Pranav Kothari a few years ago.

August 9th, 2016

On August 25, for our next Reverse Pitch Day® (RPD), Cambia Grove Anchor Partner Overlake Medical Center will present two problems statements to start

August 2nd, 2016

We’re excited to announce our next Reverse Pitch Day® event on Thursday, August 25, with Cambia Grove Anchor Partner Overlake Medical Center.

July 27th, 2016

Hello, there! I’m Tiny, the Cambia Grove’s Sasquatch-in-Residence (SIR).

July 26th, 2016

The Cambia Grove’s “Social Media for Health Care Executives” was well-attended in person and via live stream on the Cambia Grove website.

July 19th, 2016

Senior health care executives face a host of competing priorities and a rapidly dwindling amount of free time.

June 30th, 2016

The Cambia Grove is Cascadia’s regional hub for health care innovation. But do you know the story behind the design of the space?

June 15th, 2016

On June 9, come meet the Cambia Grove team including Co-Founder and Executive Director, Nicole Bell; Ambassador of Innovation, Matt Holman; and Creator of Opportunities, Moll

June 6th, 2016


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